The chamber was huge; high ceilings, some of concrete and some of metal, towered over them, and the pit in front of them reeked of the liquid neurotoxin that had been there for ages in this deteriorating facility. High ledges jutted out of the walls and some were perfect for standing on while others slanted downward at an angle. Several yards across from and above such a ledge was a dilapidated office and, presumably, the way out of here. To the far left of them was another pool of shady green toxins with a concrete ledge in the middle; it was big enough to stand on but too small to neglect utmost caution.

"This looks easy enough. Just follow closely and do what I do, and think fast."

Chell was nervous about risking another life but hid it well. She also hid a small excitement at having some company that wasn’t an AI, and that she could finally speak freely again. “Do you get what we have to do?” she asked.

"Well, from the angles of these ledges, I’d say we would need to find a way to move from ledge to ledge, and toward the exit, in that office up there. Would this be one of the testing chambers I’ve heard, ah, rumors about?"

Of course, it would be getting ahead of himself to let slip that he already knew how she intended to get up there. Blabbing about everything he knew might get her a bit… agitated. So Marvin played the fool for now.

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Chell stopped too and turned around. “That’s the sort of thing they do here. There was one experiment they said had a side effect of turning your blood into peanut oil. I’m not sure how true that is though.” She turned back around and stood up straight with her gun in hand. “Ready?”

"Oh. Yes. Let’s go." He followed behind her, making a mental note to find any files this place had on their work. This could be a very productive trip after all.

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“The same people who think injecting people with mantis DNA is a good idea.”

"…I beg your pardon?" Marvin stopped in his tracks.

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Introduce your muse!


Name: Marvin the Paranoid Android, alias “Marvin Linton”

Age: over 37 times older than the universe (time travel was involved)

Height: 5’10”
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Species: Android
Nationality: None originally, now poses as a UK citizen
Positive Weaknesses (like tickling or cuddling): Old movies, especially bad science fiction
Allergies: N/A
Fears: Dying alone, occasionally spiders 
How sickly they are: Immune to organic disease, systems are very hard to corrupt and/or infect with viruses, though memory corruption may occur
How often do they hurt themselves: Rarely
Relationship Status: Single

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Meet the Mun

((Old photo but whatever))

Name: Jesse
Nickname: N
one, but if you wanna give me one, sure
Mun FC: Um… me?
Height: 5’10”-6’0”, depending on how much I slouch.
Relationship status: single
Birthday: June 8th
Age: 19
Favourite colour: Brown/green/black/???
Favourite singer/band: Can’t pick one
Last song listened: Pain, by Three Days Grace
Last movie watched: Hellraiser
Favourite book: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams
Last book read: The Last Campaign: Robert F. Kennedy and 82 Days that Inspired a Nation (it’s for college)
Currently reading: see above
# of siblings: 2
# of pets: 4, three dogs and a cat
Best school subject: English/Computer Science
Mac or PC? PC
Cell phone type: iPhone 5s
Current shirt colour: Blue
Gamer?: YES
Day or night?: Night
Summer or winter?: Winter
Most-visited website? Tumblr, followed by Facebook and Reddit
Celebrity crushes: everyone’s hot, I dunno

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Take the Pill


Raven focused on the wall of cars and authority figures before them, their distant frames quickly growing larger as the van sped forward. She strained, her shaking hand outstretched towards them.

A couple of the policemen had started to notice the grating of metal behind them.

The grating and shaking of the police cruisers grew louder as the van came closer still; some officers had begun to run for cover.

Others were not so lucky.

Raven let out the large breath she’d been holding in as the wall of cars parted, slamming with explosive force against the buildings to either side of the street. Civilians and officers that had gotten caught in the crossfire were little more than piles of crushed bones and exploded bodyparts on the sidewalks. Flames burst from one not-fully-crushed cruiser, and as Marvin and Raven sped through the now cleared road block, it exploded.

She didn’t want to look behind them at the mess of twisted metal, flames, and screaming people.

Marvin was as pale as his doctor’s coat now, and his hands gripped the wheel for dear life. He tried to speak, but between focusing on the road and the terror of what he just saw, only sputtering could come out.

The city was beginning to fall away into outskirts now, but the dials on the dashboard of the van were dipping ever closer to the red.

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darkmeditation asked:



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cons-science asked:
▲ James and ▲ Olivia ?

Openly and secretly, the results are about the same.



I worry for him. He has had a hard life, but it is getting less terrible. Not quite good, mind you- no one can really have a good life in a universe this vast and horrible, but I digress- but he is doing better. We androids need to stick together.


Forgive the gif from a children’s show; it was all that the fat man had saved that worked.

A wonderful woman, who I care for deeply. As with James, I worry for her all the time. And, I really do love her, in whatever way a mechanical heart can. Interpret that as you will.

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Send me a ▲ for a gif of how my muse feels about yours (openly and secretly)

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theparanoidhumanoid stepped into the line of fire


"You look lost, kid."


"I’m older than I look, for one, and for two, I know precisely where I’m going."

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Take the Pill


"That’s…" She eyed the roadblock with worry. "Marvin…if we don-" she stopped herself, shaking her head to keep from continuing the sentence. Raven looked down at her hands and got a bit of an idea. I was crazy, and a longshot, but it might be their only way out. "Speed up," she demanded without hesitation.

Her voice had a push to it that he had never heard before. He knew it was dangerous, but suddenly it did not matter as he slammed his foot onto the gas pedal.

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@darkmeditation replied to your post “[waggles their eyebrows at the read-mores on their dash]”

((I say bring on the fans))

((Fuck yeah, the more readers the better.))

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[waggles their eyebrows at the read-mores on their dash]

You don’t need to be reading that. Look away this instant.

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